What to Look for When Searching for a Pitbull Breeder

What to Look for When Searching for a Pitbull Breeder

What to Look for When Searching for a Pitbull Breeder

Before you purchase a dog from anyone, you should know what to look for when you’re searching for a trustworthy and responsible pitbull breeder.

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If you’ve ever owned an American pitbull terrier, you know how loving and loyal they can be. These four-legged creatures warm our hearts and find their way into our families.

They don’t display any violence. Quite the contrary! They’re playful, affectionate and make great pets.

Then why do they get such a bad rap?

In most circumstances, ill-behaved pitbull puppies are the result of neglectful and harmful pitbull breeders. If you are thinking of adopting a pitbull for your family, congratulations! You’ve made a great choice.

But before you bring your bully home, it’s essential that you learn more about your pitbull breeder. There are several ways you can learn about a pitbull breeder to ensure your pitbull was raised in a healthy environment.

Here’s what to look for when searching for a pitbull breeder.

1 Make sure Your Pitbull Breeder Isn’t Just in It for the Money

You’ve seen the photos and perhaps played with a pitbull. One of the unfortunate facts that affect the behaviors of pitbulls is how their breeders treat them.

An abusive breeder just out to make a quick buck who has no sensitivity or understanding of these animals will lose the trust of the pitbulls they breed.

The puppies are typically in poor health and mistrust humans. On the other hand, a good breeder will raise a healthy pitbull.

2 Visit the Pitbull Breeder at Their Facility or Home

Beware if a pitbull breeder you found through an advertisement wants to meet you with the pitbull in a public place. They could be hiding something.

Visit the facility or home of the breeder so you get a firsthand look at how the breeder treats pitbulls and what type of care they provide to the dogs they are selling.

Even if the pitbull is out of your area, take a trip to visit the facility. It’s a worthwhile investment. At the facility, take note of the quality and condition of the facility.

If you can’t visit the facility yourself, see if you can send a friend or family member you might trust who might live in the area.

But it’s better to go yourself so you can see if you bond with the pitbull.

3. What to Look for at the Facility

When you get to the facility, check out the premises. Are the dogs clean? Is the environment clean? Are the puppies clean? Look around at the other dogs and see if they look happy and friendly or if they have poor temperaments.

You also want to make sure they are well fed and healthy dogs. Do you see any animals with extruding rib cages? This is a warning of malnutrition.

Other signs of unhealthy animals include coughing, lethargy, running eyes and noses and sores on the skin.

4. Meet the Parents

If you’re interested in getting a puppy, it’s likely its parents are on site. You can observe its temperament and the mother and father’s behavior. This will provide an idea of what you can expect when you bring your puppy home.

5. How the Breeder Interacts With Dogs

Notice the interaction between the breeder and the pups and adult dogs. Does the pitbull breeder act like he or she generally cares for the dogs?

Watching his or her behavior and looking into her eyes can provide a clue to how she treats animals.

Now, look at the dogs. Do the dogs wag their tails and jump up and down when they engage with their breeder or do they shy away from them?

6. Research Your Breeder

The internet provides an excellent way to learn more about the breeder online. You can often learn about different breeders you might be considering with a Google search.

Look for positive reviews in places other than a breeder’s website. Also look for negative reviews and complaints from prior customers. If you find more than one or two, you know this person is not a reputable breeder.

7. See How Much the Breeder Knows About Pitbulls

If you don’t know a lot about pitbulls, you can learn this information online. This way you can learn if your breeder is honest as well as learning about the dog you’re taking home.

A red flag is when a breeder who claims to specialize in pitbulls has little knowledge or the wrong information about the dog you’re about to purchase.

Ask a few questions based on what you’ve learned through your research to test your breeder’s knowledge.

Most breeders who possess extensive knowledge about breeds have owned the breed themselves or care about the animal. This will help you discover if the breeder cares or is just in it for a quick sale.

8. Ask for Customer References

A reputable breeder will gladly provide you with customer references. Positive references go a long way. Be sure to ask for one than one. When you speak to a former customer, you can learn what it’s like to work with the breeder.

If a breeder doesn’t offer a list of references to support the quality of their business, that’s a red flag. It’s usually a good sign to look around for another breeder.

9. Get the Documents

Owning a pitbull puppy requires a variety of documents. Ask the breeder for copies of the puppy’s medical history.

You can learn about the pet’s general health, the shots it received and learn if it has been spayed or neutered or microchipped.

Last but not least, ask for an invoice for your payments, including deposits and balances.

Finding the Perfect Pitbull Breeder Simplified!

Incorporate these suggestions to learn more about pitbull breeders and you will be glad you did.

Getting the deets on your pitbull breeder will let you know that they raised happy, healthy puppies or adult dogs that you and your family can love for many years.

Browse our website to learn more about pitbulls or contact us today to get on your way to finding the best pet for you and your family.



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