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This Article is a baseline regarding shipping your pet and getting them safely.

Ground Shipping versus Airline!!

In both situation, there are limitations. Of course when shipping pets, health certificate by a licensed vet is required. This is a few pro and cons.


1) Ground Shipping your Pet

Ground shipping is a very great way to ship your pet if it is available. Usually the pet will have human interaction throughout the origination to the destination. Great ground shippers are able to feed, walk, and provide water for your pet while in transit.

Ground shippers restrictions and guidelines are not as strict as the airlines. For example, a dog with cropped ears can get shipped out sooner via ground shipper. With the airlines, the buyer would have to wait until the ears are completely healed prior to make shipping arrangement. This not only prolong the timing for the new pet owner, it makes a transaction somewhat lengthy. However, the health of the pet is very important for both ground and airline due to other pets are in transit along with them.


2) Shipping your pet via Airline

Shipping your pet via airline is very safe and regulated. Normally when shipping your pet via airline, they are transported by Cargo. Don’t get discourage by the term Cargo, they are Live Cargo which means they are temperature, environmental, and other restrictions and precautions taken by the airlines. Their goals are to get your pets to your safely and fast as possible. However when your pet is shipped via airlines, there is no one in Cargo to assist your pet in transit. Airline shipping is the quickest way to get your pet. They have the same requirements such as health certifications.


In conclusion, Airline shipping and ground shipping your pet are equally as safe. It really boils down to timing and your preferences. Ground shipping is a lengthy process depending on the driving conditions and the drivers load. Airlines are quicker.

For Airline shipping, we highly recommend United PetSafe.

Here is the United PetSafe website: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/animals/petsafe.html

If you are looking for a ground shipper, uship.com is one of the reliable site.

Hope this information is helpful.



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