How to Take Care of a New Pitbull Pup

Pitbull puppies can be the cutest pups you can ever have. They can also be the best companions. Pet owners need to know the right ways to take care of such dogs.
Pitbull is known as America’s dog. It is known for its strength and loyalty to its owner. These pups are energetic, aggressive, and can be easily trained. Owners have to ensure that they train the pups early on. This will ensure that the puppies will learn good behavior.
It is also important for the pet owner to give pitbull puppies the right nutrition. You also have to read the labels on the dog foods to make sure that the pups can get the sufficient amount of protein. It’s crucial to buy high quality dog food. Buying low quality means giving poor nutrition to your pups which can compromise its health. Protein content has to be about 30 percent while fat should be 20 percent. You also have to make sure that the food does not go beyond 4 percent in its fiber content. Dry dog food is the first priority instead of wet to prevent plaque accumulation. You have to avoid overfeeding the pups. Most homeowners feed their pups three times a day with the right nutritious food.
Pitbull pups should also be vaccinated on time. As soon as you get a pup, schedule an appointment with the vet for it to have the right physical exam and to gather information about all the vaccines that the pup needs. Pitbull pups require vaccinations until they reach 16 to 20 weeks old. The older ones have two sets of vaccines which are three to four weeks apart. This time they also have to be checked for worms and be treated accordingly. Most puppies can have worms straight from their moms. It’s quite common for roundworms to be transmitted through the mom’s placenta or through the milk as the pup sucks on its mom. Puppies will also be able to ingest such parasites from food sources. It is also believed that all puppies are born with roundworms in them. Read on pitbulls for sale



Heartworms are also another parasite that pet owners should be wary about when it comes to puppies. Prevention of this type of parasite should be started even before the pitbull puppy reaches six months. Usually what it takes is a once a month pill that the vet prescribes. This pill should also do away with all gastrointestinal parasites.


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