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XL American Pitbull Bullies For Sale in Canada

CRUMP’S Bullies can ship our top quality tri, blue, champagne, and lilac XL American Pit Bull puppies to cities in Canada such as Kitchener, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Hamilton, Ontario, Quebec City, Quebec, Ottawa, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, CA.

Top Quality XL Pitbulls & XXL Bullies

CRUMP’S will work with our puppy owners to assist in a pain free international shipping experience. Our XL American Pit Bull puppies for sale to CA may require uncommon documentation, uncommon vaccines and a short quarantine period for import of your Pit Bull puppy to CA. Some of the requirements for Canada are a (recommended) implanted 15 digit ISO compliant microchip, an import permit for puppies under 3 months of age that are unaccompanied, a rabies certificate for puppies over 3 months of age, and a USDA Veterinary Certificate issued within 36 hours of entry. Due to the age, breed, and weight of the puppy, some airlines may also require puppies travel to CA in an IATA-compliant CR82 steel or wood crate. The American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier is banned from entering or transiting the province of Ontario and the city of Toranto. However, American Bullies (which are a separate breed from these dog breeds) are not prohibited from living or travel through Canada.

World Renowned XL American Bullies

Our American Pit Bull Puppies will exceed all of your very high standards and expectations. We take pride in creating XL American Pit Bull puppies that are loved all around the world. Quality means more than just a handsome puppy, however. At CRUMP’S Kennels, quality includes health, temperament, color, pedigree, structure, superb breed type, intelligence, muscle tone, and function. We have over 20 years of research behind our dogs and it shows.