Should You Let Your Pitbull Sleep with You?


We are a dog loving nation and over half of all dog owners let their dog or dogs sleep with them. As there are notable benefits and risks for letting your dog sleep with you, it is ultimately your decision, based on your dog’s personality, temperament, and your sleep habits on whether letting your dog sleep with you is right for you.

What about for Pitbull?

You shouldn’t necessarily let the breed of your dog impact your decision, like if you have a Pitbull. As a prospective or current Pitbull owner, know the following truths about Pitbull before making that decision on whether he or she sleeps with you.

It is said that for a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog, the benefits of having a dog sleep with you outweigh the risks. According to an ASPCA position statement on Pitbull, there is no definitive reason why a Pitbull would not be well-adjusted nor well-behaved.

According to the ASPCA, even though some Pitbull are trained to fight each other and bred for fighting ability, this does not mean that the breed itself can be unpredictably aggressive to humans and dogs. In fact, many Pitbulls are bred for work and companionship instead of fighting.

It is widely believed through misinformation and bad press that all Pitbulls have the same inherent aggressive nature; however, temperament studies show Pitbulls to be the most affectionate, least aggressive dogs. According to the American Temperament Test Society, Pitbull passed at a sound rating of 86.4%, higher than even golden retrievers.

So what this boils down to is that as Pitbull owners, there is no reason to believe that your dog in particular would have reason to become territorial over your bed and become aggressive to you or other pets in bed – no more so than other breeds.

How exactly is sleeping with your dog beneficial?

Because there are no particular temperament issues given the right environment, you can reap the full benefits of your dog sleeping with you, such as:


  • Increased release of the hormone called oxytocin in humans, which is associated with feelings of affection and happiness.
  • Strengthened bond with your dog.
  • Lowered heart rate through the rhythmic sound of a dog’s snoring, breathing, and heartbeat, where your dog’s heartbeat synchronizes with yours over time.
  • Reduced anxiety through promoting a sense of safety and security.
  • Warmed body at night, since dogs have a body temperature three to six times higher than ours.

Are there any downsides to sleeping with your dog?

Even though there are many benefits to letting your dog sleep with you regardless of whether your dog is a Pitbull, there are a few notable reasons to consider before letting your dog sleep with you.

According to Psychology Today, the primary reason why some medical professionals see letting your dog’s sleep with you as problematic is the ability of dogs to disrupt sleep. If you experience sleep disturbance or have bouts of insomnia, you may want to consider that all dogs are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that dogs have several rounds of sleep causing them to wake up several times during the night. So their multiple sleep cycles can interrupt what should be only one sleep cycle for us.

The other major reason to think carefully about letting your dog sleep with you is if you are sensitive to allergies. Dogs can track outside allergens into your home and onto your bed through their fur and paws, making it difficult to sleep with your dog if you have allergies and still get a good night’s sleep.  See a full account of considerations for whether to let your dog sleep with you.

Final thoughts

So now you have the facts about Pitbull and letting them share your bed. Pitbulls are caring people lovers, so there is no reason to discount their positive nature based on the stigma given to the breed itself. You know your dog, and according to the ASPCA, that is what is most important.