Three Breeds With Unwarranted Bad Reputations

When you’re considering buying a puppy, one of the first things you’re likely to do is head to the internet for advice. If you happen into the wrong, misinformed section of the internet, then you could find yourself being told that certain breeds are… well, they’re just wrong ‘uns.

The same breeds have long been demonised for no good reason offline, too – it’s just their reputation has now preceded them into the internet age. While this is bad enough in itself, it does mean you could overlook the perfect puppy for your home, purely because you’ve heard bad things. These myths and rumours get repeated so often they become “fact”, even though there’s no such thing as a bad dog breed – just bad owners.

o here are three breeds who have an unwarranted bad reputation, and why you should definitely think again when it comes to choosing the latest addition to your family.


Three Breeds With Unwarranted Bad Reputations
Breeds With Unwarranted Bad Reputations


Probably the most demonised of them all; pitbulls have a reputation that is truly unfair. Pitbulls are not inherently aggressive, and it might surprise you to learn that this perception of them is a fairly recent development.

Pitbulls have always been popular for dogfighting, which is a tragedy in and of itself, but is even worse in that it seems to have dented their reputation. Pitbulls are actually the victims of their own willingness to please their owners; if their owner makes them into a fighting dog, they’ll obey, and thus the idea they are aggressive is perpetuated.

In reality, pitbulls are sweet, eager to please, loyal, and love to be included in activities. You can’t go wrong by looking for pitbull puppies for sale and bringing them in up a comforting, loving environment.


Three Breeds With Unwarranted Bad Reputations


Breeds With Bad Reputations


The gorgeous black-and-tan colouring of a Rottweilers is often overshadowed by their ferocious reputation.

To an extent, this is because of their use as guard dogs. Rottweilers are big dogs, which makes them ideal for those wanting to protect their property or their assets. This, in turn, means a few people might have passed a house with a Rottweiler in residence, heard the barks, seen a few warning snarls, and a myth of endless aggression was born.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs who can be cherished family pets. They are affectionate and intelligent, and love to play and cuddle. Don’t be worried about their fearsome appearance; they’re big softies at heart!

Siberian Husky

Three Breeds With Unwarranted Bad Reputations


Three Breeds With Unwarranted Bad Reputations


Finally, a breed with a reputation not of aggressive, but of destructive behaviour. Siberian huskies suffer from terrible hearsay about their tendency to leave a house looking like a cyclone has been through it, but it’s undeserved.

Can huskies cause damage? Yes, but so can literally every other dog on the planet! The reason huskies are so associated with being destructive is because they are working dogs, bred for activity… and then they find themselves in houses with small gardens, stuck with urban living. They go a little stir crazy as a result.

If, however, you have got energy to spare and can commit to walking them, then huskies are about as much fun as you can have in dog form. They are affectionate and playful, which can a perfect mix for an energetic young family.

So, might you ever be tempted to try one of the bad rep breeds, now you know the truth?


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