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Crump’s Bullies 
Stud Service Contract

This Contract Certifies That
Register Name of Dam: _______________________
UKC No.  __________________
Owner(s) at time of mating:   ____________________
Will Be Bred To
Register Name of Sire:___ ____________________
UKC No. ___ _______________
Owner of Sire:
Estimated Date of Mating:             Estimated Whelping Due Date: _           
Please Enter Approximate Dates in the areas provided above
1) We will provide Dam owner(s) with a copy of the pedigree and puppy registration within
Two weeks of whelping.
2) We will have our stud in good physical condition and up to date with vaccination at time
Of whelping.
3) We will provide stud service of the same stud at no additional cost if no pregnancy results
From mating. To receive a return stud service dam owner must provide at letter in writing
From a license veterinarian that there was a failure to conceive at the time of breeding no
More than 60 days after breeding have taken place.
4) We will provide the dam owner(s) a written receipt and a record of the breeding dates.
Sire’s Owner Initials   _____
Dam Owner Agrees To
1) Ensure dam is in good health. Up to date with vaccines and worming. If natural ties dam
Must have a negative Brucellosis test on file within the last 60 days prior to breeding.
2) Keep dam properly confined following breeding to ensure no other dog could mate with
She accidentally, before mating season is finished.
3) If stud does not mate naturally, the dams must be artificially inseminated at the dams
Owner’s expense.
4) If artificial insemination by a license veterinarian is preferred, all pulling, insemination,
And shipping of semen cost is at the dam’s owner’s expense.
Dam’s Owner Initials _____
Other Conditions and Terms 
1) 4 or more pups Constitutes a litter. Crump’s Bullies will repeat the breeding if the litter is less than 4 pups at birth.
2) All fees associated with transfer of semen, stud, artificial insemination, is due by the
Dam’s owner before second breeding.
3) All fees paid to stud owner are non-refundable.
4) Crump’s Bullies is not responsible for puppy death due to lack of care by the Dam’s owner.

Stud Fee: 
Breeders Address:
Breeders Email:

Dam’s Owner Signature__________________________________________ Date_________________

Sire’s Owner Signature____________________________________________ Date________________

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