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The Crump’s Bullies Bloodline

Crump’s Bullies Selectively Breeds to produce AMAZING TEMPERAMENT,
Correct Structure, Great Size, and most importantly Beautiful and Healthy Life Long Companions.

blue pitbull

>>>The Best Dogs Have Crump’s Bullies In Their Pedigree<<<

blue nose pitbull
All Crump’s Bullies Productions are made specifically for families

Breeding services we offer

1Natural: With over 20 years of breeding experience we’ll ensure everything is done to ensure a successful natural breeding. In the rare case where a natural tie doesn’t occur, our expert staff will perform an artificial insemination on site.

2 Frozen Semen: If shipping your female to our facility isn’t an option, we can ship frozen or semen to your local vet. An artificial insemination can then be performed at anytime. Frozen semen doesn’t have an expiration date.

3Chilled Semen: It has a better success rate than frozen semen. However, unlike frozen semen, Chilled semen has an expiration date. But don’t worry — our experts will ensure it’s delivered to your vet on time. Guaranteed.


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