Do You Love Pitbulls? Here's Why You Need to Own an XXL Pitbull

Do You Love Pitbulls? Here’s Why You Need to Own an XXL Pitbull

Here’s Why You Need to Own an XXL Pitbull

There’s a reason people love owning pitbulls, but why is that? Here’s why you and your family should get an XXL pitbull as your next pet.

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Are you thinking of adopting or buying a dog soon?

Are you interested in a pitbull but worried about their reputation?

Pitbulls have gotten a bad reputation in the media, but overall they’re great dogs to own. Their reputation results in many Pitbulls being given to animal shelters or cast out of the house. This is a tragedy as Pitbulls are a sweet, active, hearty dog breed.

This article will break down the top 5 reasons to get yourself an XXL Pitbull.

1) Pitbulls Need Exercise

One of the best reasons to get your family an XXL Pitbull is that they need plenty of exercise!

Your new furry friend will get you out exercising. Pitbulls are one of the more active breeds and they don’t easily tire out.

You can take your new dog on nightly jogs that will help keep both him and you physically fit.

Walking your dog gives it both mental and physical stimulation and is excellent for their health.

2) Pitbulls are Protective

You’ll find no better bodyguard for you and your kids than an XXL Pitbull.

This dog breed is protective over its owners and will bark at trespassers.

Because Pitbulls have a reputation of being aggressive, intruders will think twice about entering your yard when they see your dog pacing around.

Having a dog decreases the chance that your house will be broken into when you’re not home. Criminals will typically turn away from houses with barking dogs inside as they make too much noise.

While Pitbulls may have the reputation of being overly aggressive, in reality, their bark is louder than their bite.

3) Pitbulls are Great With Kids

You want a dog that will love your kids and a dog your kids will love. An XXL Pitbull is that dog.

Pitbulls are loyal to their owners and eager to please people. They are also very affectionate.

Being around a dog and petting it can reduce stress and anxiety in you and your kids. The enthusiasm of a dog can rub off on to you and make your worries go away.

With an XXL Pitbull, there is plenty of dog to go around for all of your kids. Your family can gather around him for a nightly petting session.

You will often find that your Pitbull will want to jump up on your lap while you’re watching tv or lounging on the couch. This is because your Pitbull wants to be near you and maintain contact.

Cuddling and sitting close to you is one way your dog shows affection.

4) Pitbulls are Easy to Groom

Worried about getting a dog because you don’t want to constantly be cleaning up dog hair?

With a pitbull, this isn’t an issue.

Pitbulls have very short coats that don’t require brushing or grooming. Their short hair doesn’t get dirt matted in it so pitbulls don’t give off a foul odor like some dogs.

You won’t need to bathe your XXL Pitbull very often because of his short fur. For a person with a family who doesn’t have a lot of spare time, this is a major perk.

5) Pitbulls are Happy Dogs

There’s nothing better than a big, happy, smiley dog, and this is what you get with a pitbull.

This dog breed has naturally big, dopey smile.

When you come home from a long day at work you will be filled with joy when your pitbull comes up to you smiling and gives you kisses.

Some dog breeds are more mopey, or less energetic, but not Pitbulls. You’ll always have entertainment with this dog breed in your house.

6) Pitbulls are Easy to Train

Do you want to teach your new dog tricks like stay, sit, and roll over?

You can do this and more with a pitbull as they are an extremely smart dog breed.

Pitbulls are very attached to their owners and therefore want to be obedient to them naturally. You can try to train your Pitbull yourself or get the help of a professional.

A dog trainer might be a good idea as they can teach your dog more quickly than you would be able to. Soon your dog will be following all your commands and doing awesome tricks.

You can turn those tricks into videos and go viral with your adorable XXL pitbull. It’s important to change the public’s perception of this lovable and talented breed. Your dog videos could just do the trick.

7) Pitbulls Need Good Homes

One of the best reasons to get a Pitbull is because they need good homes.

People are shying away from buying and adopting Pitbulls because of negative stereotypes surrounding them.

Pitbulls are too often left abandoned or abused by their owners. Because of this, there is a surplus of pitbulls who need good homes.

All a XXL pitbull needs to be a happy dog is food, water, and love from an affectionate owner. Dogs are simple creatures, and when we treat them right they thrive.

You should adopt or buy a pitbull from a breeder to give a dog in need a good home.

Get Yourself an XXL Pitbull Today

We hope this article convinced you to get a pitbull of your very own.

Having a pitbull is truly a life changing experience. Between all of the extra exercise you will get taking him on walks, and all the love and attention you’ll get at home, you’ll start feeling happier almost immediately.

If you’re convinced that a pitbull is the right dog for you, check out our selection of puppies here.

Have more questions about the dog breed? Contact us today with questions.

We are happy to assist you in finding a new fur-ever friend.


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