Here's Why Pitbull Breeds Make the Best Pets

Here’s Why Pitbull Breeds Make the Best Pets

Here’s Why Pitbull Breeds Make the Best Pets

Despite all the rumors, pitbulls are incredible, loving pets. Here’s why you should fall in love with pitbull breeds too (and maybe get one as your next pet!).

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Have you ever owned a pit bull? If so, then you understand the joys of this wonderful breed. Forget the myths of the dangerous and angry dog breed. Pitbulls are loving, sweet, cuddly, and are complete babies!

If you’re thinking about owning a pitbull, don’t hesitate.

These dogs are extremely loyal and will always be on your side. In general, pitbulls are excellent companions. This is why pitbulls are becoming such a popular dog breed for all size households.

Whether you want a purebred pitbull or other pitbull breeds, here are a few reasons why you should own a pitbull.

They are Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, pitbull breeds are extremely friendly.

They’re extremely lovable; they love cuddling and giving kisses. Pitbulls are generally social dogs.

They’re also nice to guests and always beg for attention. The only time they’re mean is if they have a reason — if they believe you’re in danger or are acquainted with someone they don’t think is a good person.

Their protectiveness only means they feel a strong bond with their owners.

They’re Easy to Train

Pitbulls are high energy dog breed, so they often need dog training at an early age. Fortunately, pitbull breeds take proper training really well. The reason why is pitbulls have a high intellect. Therefore, they learn fast.

Pitbulls are also very obedient. They’re loyal and want to do what they can to please their owners. This is why pitbulls are great to take out in public and be around to meet new people.

They’re Lots of Fun

Since pitbull breeds are high energy, they love playing. There is never a dull moment when owning a pitbull. They love their toys, playing games such as Frisbee, and love running around outside.

Their energy and love of playing give pitbulls an amazing personality that isn’t seen with other dog breeds.

And pitbulls never lose their playful attitude; even as they age, they still love playing.

Low Maintenance

Pitbulls have a very wide gene pool. Purebreds experience the most health problems, but mixed pitbull breeds have a low risk of health problems.

Pitbulls even have fewer health issues than other dog breeds. Pitbulls are a strong dog breed and live a long time.

Pitbulls also have shorter coats. This reduces extensive grooming, saving you money on grooming bills.

All of the grooming techniques can be done at home such as regular bathing and brushing. Pitbulls also don’t shed as frequently as other dog breeds.

Pitbulls are Good with Children

Pitbulls are one of the most stable and loyal dog breeds. Therefore, they’re perfect for children. Pitbull breeds are naturally patient and tolerant. They are affectionate, which helps for a child who constantly wants doggy attention.

And the whole “untrustworthy and aggressive” assumption? That can go for any dog breed.

Generally, pitbulls are calm. They adore their owners and especially love children.

Pit Bulls Love Other Dog Breeds

Are you concerned about getting a pitbull because you’re not sure how it will get along with your Pomeranian?

Pitbulls aren’t vicious to other dogs. If they were raised in an environment where they were taught to attack other dogs, they can be trained to respect other dogs.

However, it’s possible for your pitbull to be selective about who it enjoys being around. Yet, this goes for all dog breeds.

So when you get your pitbull, don’t worry about introducing it to other dogs or taking it to the dog park.

Pit Bulls are Extremely Loyal

One of the main reasons behind the pitbull’s popularity is their loyalty.

Pitbull breeds feel an intense love and devotion to their owners. They will do whatever they can to please you. If you want a dog breed that will be your best friend, choose a pitbull breed.

A Pitbull is Perfect for any Home Type

While pitbulls love a huge yard to play in, pitbull breeds are also perfect dogs if you live in an apartment or condo.

The reason why is pitbulls love sleeping and cuddling. As long as you have a big couch, it doesn’t matter what type of place you live in.

A misconception about pitbulls is they love the outside. While they have no qualms about rolling around in the dirt, they’re not outside dogs.

Their short coats won’t warm them for the winter and they shed in hot weather. So it’s best to keep them inside when you’re not walking them.

They Have Amazing Smiles

If you want a dog that will always make you smile, get a pit bull. They have the best smiles of any dog breed. When your pit bull smiles, it means it’s truly happy.

You’ll commonly see your pitbull smile on long car rides, when you’re taking it out for a walk, and when you’re giving your pittie treats.

Whether it’s a closed grin when you’re petting your pitbull or a wide-open smile when you’re on a fun day out, you’ll melt when you see that classic pitbull smile.

Pitbulls Love People

Pitbulls breeds absolutely love people. So much so, they beg for attention all day long. When you own a pitbull breed, expect snuggles, belly rubs, and cuddles on your lap. They will stay as close to you as they can.

Pitbulls are extremely affectionate. Pitbulls are loving companions and are the perfect breed if you want to cuddle with your dog all day long.

Pitbulls are Smart

Pitbulls are so smart, they are known to be one of the smartest dog breeds. Pitbulls are extremely tenacious. During professional training and discipline, your pitbull will be dedicated to every command and disciplinary technique.

Pitbulls want to please you and are adaptable. You can teach them anything and they will obey.

Are You Ready to Get Pitbull Breeds?

Your pitbull will be loyal to you. They love cuddling and are very affectionate dogs. The aggressive and violent assumptions are myths. Pitbulls are amazing dogs and are the best dog breed to have as pets.

Contact us if you want to find your next pitbull today!



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